Frequently Asked Questions

Swap FAQs

Each item in your Svaki closet has a certain swap value. When you decide to send something back, you can use that value toward a new purchase. You can find the swap value of each item in your closet under ‘My Stocks’ and ‘My Portfolio’ in your Svaki Account. The current rates are: boxer briefs $3, t-shirts $5.

Your Svaki-closet is a snapshot of all the items you have purchased with us and you currently have at home. Each of these items can be swapped against new clothes. Once you initiate a swap from your Svaki portfolio, we send you a return satchel with a label – and you can just drop it off at the post office whenever you have time to do so.

You can always check the current portfolio value and your items to swap under your account (‘My Portfolio’ and ‘My Stocks’).

Any signed-up customer of Svaki Dan with an account can swap clothes.

After sorting them, we do two things: 1) We work with post-consumer mechanical recyclers to turn that product into new fiber, new yarn and new materials. 2) In cases where this is not possible, we work with partners to biodegrade your products safely for you.

Ultimately, we are working with innovators in the fashion industry on ways to fully close the loop. That means we aim to only use recycled materials as inputs and find a way to recycle all clothes you send us. The current landscape of innovations in this field, however, makes it almost impossible to fulfill that promise for any blended fabrics (which is why you typically find the promise of true recycling with pure cotton or pure polyester products).

Yes – just send them over. Given the type of clothes we are talking about, it would be awesome if you can wash them before though.

Miscellaneous FAQs

“Svaki Dan” is Croation for “Every Day”.  It is a nod to the captain we met on a sailing trip. Every morning, he would step out of his cabin and onto the deck, spread his arms, and with a big smile on his face say “Svaki F(…) Dan”.

Svaki Dan – the brand and our products – are about embracing every single day. Our clothes are the basics you put on as the first thing in the morning – every day. 

Our t-shirts are made 100% in the United States. We are using 100% certified Supima cotton, grown in the United States. The fabric is made in North Carolina, the final t-shirts are cut and sewn at a small factory in Pennsylvania. Our boxer briefs are being produced in a small family-run factory in the Dominican Republic. 

We are working on this. Email us at and let us know which countries we should put on our list. If you are living outside of the US, we would also love to hear how you learnt about us! 🙂

Just send us an email at and we will get back to you as fast as we can. You can also follow us on social media and slide into our DMs there!

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