Indulge in everyday luxury, responsibly.

Svaki Dan basics are created from premium and sustainable materials, including Supima Cotton and Tencel Lyocell. 

Our Materials and Manufacturers

Svaki Dan’s North Star is to achieve superior comfort through sustainable materials. We make sure all the materials we work with are biodegradable or recyclable. But sustainability goes beyond selecting the right materials and reducing waste through recycling. For us, it also means building partnerships with our factories and suppliers.

Supima cotton

Supima is a branded cotton grown in the United States. It represents less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world. What makes Supima cotton unique to other cottons (apart from the fact that it is American grown), is the extra-long staple fiber that makes it stronger and softer than regular cotton. This ensures your t-shirts are more comfortable and more durable – retaining color longer and piling less over time.

Learn more about Supima Cotton here

Tencel lyocell

Tencel, made with tree pulp, is a branded lyocell fiber produced by Lenzing, an Austrian-based company. The solvent and water are recycled in a closed-loop process where more than 99% of the solvent is recovered and reused. The raw wood is sourced from PEFC™ forests, which promotes sustainable forest management. 

Learn more about Tencel here

Organic cotton

 Conventional cotton is often regarded as the “dirtiest crop” because it’s sprayed with some of the worst pesticides.

That is why we use Organic Cotton. It’s not grown with toxic chemicals, it does not damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. It’s also promotes safer & more sustainable production for farmers.  

Learn more about Organic Cotton here

Our manufacturers

We look at both quality and ethical standards and put an emphasis on the term ‘partner’ – rather than ‘supplier’. That is one of the main reasons why we prioritize working with partners close to home. Our manufacturing partner for our boxer briefs is in the Dominican Republic. The mill for our Supima fabric is in North Carolina. Our t-shirts are cut and sewn in Pennsylvania. We are constantly evolving and investing in our partnerships. 

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